Exam Location: CSSE Progressive Test – Ilford

Master Brain Academy, The Cardinal Heenan Centre, 326 High Road, Ilford, IG1 1QP. Emergency Contact number: 07957414911

CSSE Progressive Test – Ilford

CSSE Progressive Test

Maths and English are the core subjects in 11+ exams.  Our CSSE Progressive Testing is an attempt to recreate testing standards in these subjects. These tests gradually step up the difficulty level.  With an ‘all in one’ package of benefits, these tests are hard to resist.

  1. Subject based tests   

Focus on one subject per week.   

  1. Get results in 3 days

Collect the marked paper and your child’s results in 3 days.

  1. Increasing difficulty level of tests  Children build strength and confidence as the level of difficulty gradually steps up.

  2. ‘ClearYourDoubt’ online session

    There’s help at hand each week for doubts.  A one-hour online zoom session on one day during the week to run through any doubts that children might have and would need support and clarification. Dates for this doubt clearing session will  be released each week after the results.

  3.   And finally, it’s a test with a difference – designed by teachers who have been training children for CSSE exams for more than a decade. As teachers with years of experience, it comes to us very naturally to understand what children know and what would keep their mind ticking.  This simple yet comprehensive understanding of a child’s mind, makes us build the very best tests.

Terms & conditions

  • Upon submission of application, tests can neither be cancelled nor swapped.  Refunds will NOT be made if cancelled or absent. · Master Brain Academy reserve the right to issue necessary refunds ONLY in the event of Master Brain Academy having to cancel a Mock Test Day. 






CSSE Progressive 1 – Maths

15 July



CSSE Progressive 1 – English

22 July



CSSE Progressive 2 – Maths

30 July



CSSE Progressive 2 – English

5 Aug



CSSE Progressive 3 – Maths

11 Aug



CSSE Progressive 3 – English

16 Aug