Master Brain is a happy and positive academy. We aim to train children not only for eleven plus but also give them a solid footing into secondary school. We are well known for our academic standards, but pride ourselves that we offer far more by bringing out and developing the whole person. There’s so many reasons why parents and students come to Master Brain Academy.

Here’s a few:

1. A history of top rankers and achievers.
2. Resources we use are continuously updated, exhaustive and relevant.
3. Our integrated teaching techniques not only prepares for the entrance exam, but also gears them up for school and beyond  Specialized  training to balance  speed and accuracy.
4. Our innovative teaching techniques make learning enjoyable and challenging, Well qualified and trained teachers create the passion for learning.
5. Extra classes are organized to discuss doubts of children who need extra support
6. Children love to be motivated. We find ways to inspire.
7. Children benefit from our massive infrastructure of independent class rooms, two exam halls for 150 students, lifts and toilets for the disabled, an  enormous
8. car park and vending machines for a relaxing break too.
9. We understand the anxiety of parents and support them through this stressful journey
10. We work as a team with the child and the parent.
” Your Mocks exams were such a blessing. It gave us a true picture of Anjita’s ability. We started to work intensively after the very first mock report. Since then, we have seen a progressive improvement in all the 5 mocks that she attended with you. The mock exam was definitely a fantastic initiative! “
” Raghav, is happily settled in the school of his choice. With so many options around, it is confusing especially for a parent who is going for the 11 Plus the first time. You made it stress free for us. Thank you so much because, you were always willing to spare time to discuss about his progress and manage our concerns.”