11 Plus

The 11 Plus exam is a way of selecting children in Year 6 who are academically fit  for grammar schools and selective schools for Year 7 onward.

The Purpose of  11+

·          An education system that is sets learning and education is a code of discipline

·         To be in along with a group of children who have a strong aptitude and attitude to learning.

·         To be in schools which focus a on achievement and results and hence desire and create a strong learning ethos.

·         Children will have a wider choice of subjects to choose at GCSE & A Levels.

11 Plus Exam

The 11+ can include four subjects:  Verbal reasoning, Non-verbal reasoning, English and Maths.

·         Verbal reasoning: Verbal reasoning tests a child’s English grammar and vocabulary.

·         Non-verbal reasoning: This tests a child’s ability to reason and solve picture based problems.

·         Maths: This tests the ability of mental arithmetic operations, mathematical concepts and tests multi-level problem solving capability in a real life scenario.

·         English: The ability to comprehend and interpret text is tested.  Inference is a key skill that is tested in English tests.  Some exams also test creative writing ability – the art to plan, structure and write.

11 Plus Selection

·  National statistics indicate that nearly  half of pupils who attain the basic pass mark in the 11+ exams still fail to gain a grammar school place due to stiff competition and the number of applicants is far higher than the available number of places.

·  For example, at Redbridge , only the top performing three per cent of children, on average, get a place. This means that for every place there are nearly 20 applicants.  In contrast, areas with more grammar schools, like Kent, have a much higher pass rate, around 30% each year. For super-selective schools, children only stand a realistic chance of gaining a place if they have a near perfect score.