CEM is the Centre of Evaluation & Monitoring at Durham University. They develop assessments based on research to improve teaching and testing for children. The tests measure verbal, numerical and non-verbal skills.

It contains two, 45 minute papers ( Paper 1 and Paper 2). Within each paper are various sections timed individually. The paper is a test for speed as well as accuracy. Challenging vocabulary tests them on their extending reading and knowledge.

• Verbal Reasoning ( Vocabulary and Comprehension)
• Non Verbal Reasoning
• Mathematics ( short and long maths )


We run classes to gear children towards the CEM test. Our 2 hour Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning session covers the key topics that will appear for the test. Our classroom and homework resources have been well developed and refined over the years to ensure that our children get the school of their choice. Not only do we pride in our success rate of 92% , but also in the fact that a majority of students achieve exceedingly high cut off scores.
Our children set standards every year in the Redbridge exam. The last 5 years have continuously witnessed the top rankers within Redbridge are Master Brain Students. The highest cut off in Ilford County Boys Grammar as well as the highest in Woodford County Girls Grammar school for 2017 have been Master Brain students. 

We run a series of CEM Mock Exams from June. These tests will offer the child a platform to experience examination conditions. The results give the teachers and parent a better understanding of strength and weaknesses to ensure they fine tune and ensure learning is all wrapped up before the exam.