Exams Location: Chelmsford

Anglia Ruskin University, Bishop Hall Lane, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1SQ . Please assemble at Lord Ashcroft’s building reception.

July Intensive Training- 2022-Chelmsford

July Intensive Training – Chelmsford

Course Date: 25 -27 July

 Time slots can be selected in the booking form on first come basis.

THIS TESTING IS SUITABLE FOR: QE, Henrietta, CSSE Schools, Chelmsford, Woodford, Ilford, Kent and Bexley.


Get more visibility – see your child’s mistakes – Day 3

Day 1 & 2 – TEST & TEACH .  This will involve discussion and teaching with revision and tests.  Children will be able to give you an update of their scores on the same day after class.

Days 3 -Results will be emailed on 8th  August (before end of the day).  Get more visibility of attempted wrong questions online.


Days 1 – 3

Math-English:  £100  (6 hours)

Maths/English/VR/NVR = £120 (9 hours)

Advance booking payment £20 , balance can be paid on the first day of the course.


Date : 25 – 27 July ( Mon -Wed)  – 3 days Venue: ARU


DAY 1 – DAY 3 10 am – 12.00 – M/E

12.00 pm– 1.00 pm – VR/NVR


  1. Prebook the course by making an advance payment of £20.  Upon your booking being confirmed, we will email you the ‘Vocabulary Pack’ on Sunday before 12 pm.

(Prebooking system has been introduced, as in the past, spaces are blocked and children do not turn up, this causes a shortage of space and inconvenience to our planning).

  1. The balance can be sent on the first day of course.
  2. If interested please book as soon as possible, the bookings will automatically close once all spaces are filled up.


Start preparing for the course using the course schedule given in the email.

Study Pack:  Vocabulary Pack will be emailed on Sunday.


English – Maths – VR – NVR : Bond 11+: Multiple-choice/standard Test Papers for the CEM 11+ Tests Pack 2

VR – Bond 11+: Verbal Reasoning Multiple choice/standard Version Test Papers: Pack 2

ENGLISH – Bond 11+: English Multiple choice/standard Version Papers: Pack 2

MATHS – Bond 11+: Maths Multiple choice/standard Version Papers: Pack 2

NVR – Bond 11+: Non-verbal Multiple choice/standard Version Test Papers: Pack 2


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