Year 5 – Partnering Parents – 11Plus AwardsNite Ceremony

 A very stimulating challenge lies ahead of us this year – your child’s 11 Plus exam.

With the clock ticking, the countdown has already begun, and with every passing week, we are but getting closer to reality.  It’s time to brace ourselves, get started on this – our joint journey of working together.

Preparation is key, but planning makes it even more perfect. 

To hand hold you through, we would like to invite you to our MBA’s Partnering Parents Event.  A step towards building our bonds towards fostering this parent – Master Brain partnership.

Partnering Parents Event  + AwardsNite 2023

PART A : All you need to know about 11+

  1. Outline of MBA Course Content and Exam structure
  2. Look into prospective 11+ schools and exams.
  3. 11+ Admission process and timing
  4. How to support your child at home
  5. Top Tips from past 11+ parents

PART B:  An Inspirational  and MUST-SEE event for every Year 5 child. 

  1. 11+ AwardsNite 2023

 Date : 27th November, Monday

Registration : 5:30 pm; Part A : 6 pm – 7 pm. Part B : 7:15 pm – 8. 30 pm

Venue: The Royal Regency. 501 High St. North. London E12 6QN

Entry Tickets : FREE :  1 Master Brain Student  + 2 ( for parents/guardian)

We are very eager to meet you. We look forward to working closely in partnership with you and all the children in our care to achieve their full potential.





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