QE – Q2 Mock Exam GL Style – CENTRE BASED

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About QE- GL style exam

The GL Style consist of two papers:

  1. Paper 1 – 50 mins – Maths ( Multiple choice – 50Q)
  2. Paper 2 – 50 mins – English ( Multiple choice – 50Q )


  • Will be available to be viewed online in 7 working days after the exam.
  • Attempted wrong questions can be viewed online . The answer chosen by the child and the correct answer that should have been chosen will be shown. The online review will be open for 48 hours.   The mock test question papers will not be issued out along with the results report that will be emailed.
  • ‘Skills Breakdown Report’: A topic-wise breakdown of scores achieved in each subject. The topic-wise score breakdown will help identify areas of strength and those which need further practise and improvement.
  • Total Score
  • Percentile Ranking
  • Graphical Analysis


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