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These special and challenging papers have been done in the last six years by over 6000 children.  Therefore, these mock papers have historical data attached to it.  They carry substantial statistical evidence to draw comparisons from. Since these papers are used to collate historic data, THESE PAPERS WILL NOT BE RELEASED AFTER EXAM.

The scores of the children who took this mock test in the last few years, their scores in the real 11 plus exam and their final grammar school destination has been reasonably tracked wherever possible.  This insight will help put things into perspective, draw rational inference and help strategize the next steps in learning.

TOP RANKERS 2014 – 2021:

Highest scorers of KEGS, QE, ICHS, WCHS and Kent have done all these mocks. Take advantage of this unique mock exam experience and test against benchmarks set in the past.

Our CSSE mock tests have been put together after a thorough analysis of the various core skills being assessed in the actual CSSE exam in English and Mathematics.  While we cannot guarantee the types of questions that will appear in the real exam, the questions will generally be based around these core skills. Each Mock Exam comprises of two papers:

  1. a)    Paper 1 – 70 mins –  English + VR + Creative writing
  2. b)   Paper 2 – 60 mins – Mathematics


  • a) Skill breakdown Analysis : A detailed skills Breakdown Report will be emailed 5th July 12 pm. As these tests are developed to create historical data for statistical analysis, the actual test papers will not be released to students and parents.
  • b) Sample Questions: We will be providing maths sample questions similar to the ones featured in the test.
  • c) Creative Writing: Samples of best written creative writing will be shared. Tips and ideas to improve writing will be given.
  • The results will offer: a topic-wise breakdown of scores achieved in each individual section, a total score and a percentile ranking. The topic-wise score breakdown will help identify areas of strength and those which need further practise and improvement.

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