Year 4 MiniDules 

Get ready for Year 5

Test Series for Year 4’s – MiniDules

As children keep learning through the year it is vital to test their progress at regular intervals.  Master Brain has created a series of byte size tests to help assess the child’s understanding of core topics through the year.

These are topic-based multiple-choice test in Maths, English, Non Verbal and Verbal Reasoning.  You have the flexibility to pick and choose the modules that need to be tested. Small, short and lighter doses of these tests will help target just the areas that need to be worked on.

                                    Plus Points

Short tests:   Quick module tests that consolidate learning.

Pick, Mix & Test:  It’s simply flexible.  Just choose the subject and modules that need to be strengthened.

Fosters Learning:  Revise and be well prepared for the topics to be tested. 

Learn from mistakes:  Get to see the mistakes online. Review helps reducing mistakes.

 Systematic Testing:   To encourage better results each subject is broken down and tested in smaller chunks

 Standards of Question Papers:

The quality of our papers are backed by our teaching experience, profound subject knowledge and needless to mention our record-breaking 11 plus results.

 Results  Thursday ( after test ) at 5 pm.

You will be able to review the wrong questions online  from Thursday 5 pm until Saturday 5 pm.

The log-in details will be emailed on Thursday.

 Day & Time

Saturday :  5:45 pm – 6:45 pm


Monday : 4:45 pm – 5:45 pm

Venue : Master Brain Academy, The Cardinal Heenan Centre, 326 High Road, Ilford, IG1 1QP. 

Test Details

All tests are multiple-choice.  The test lasts for about 45 mins

Mark scheme: Maths – 40 marks       English – 40 marks      VR/NVR- 40 marks

Cost: Book EACH test – £12




  • MiniDule MN1  English

  • Comprehension, spelling, grammar – nouns/verbs, punctuation, similar meaning, opposite

  • Vocabulary from First Aid in English:

    Families, Gender, Homes

  • 20th / 22nd   May

  • MiniDule MN2


  • Four Rules

  • Place Value & Portioning

  • Arithmetic Calculations: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

  • Worded problems – addition, subtraction, multiplication & division.  

  • 27th /29th  May

  • MiniDule MN3


  • Comprehension, spelling, grammar – adjective, adverbs, contraction, conjunctions, punctuation

  • Similar meaning, opposite, analogy and odd one out.  

  • Vocabulary from First Aid in English:

    Sounds, Motions, Group Terms

  • 3rd / 5th  June

  • MiniDule MN4


  • Fractions: addition, subtraction, conversion from mixed to improper, improper to mixed, word problems.

  • Measurement: Time, Measures, Money

  • 10th / 12th  June

  • MiniDule MN5 


  • Comprehension, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

  •  Missing three letter words, shuffled sentences, Cloze

  • Vocabulary from First Aid in English:

    Synonyms, Antonyms, Containers & and its contents.

  • 17th / 19th  June  

  • MiniDule MN6


  • Perimeter, Area, Volume

  • Charts & Graphs

  • Shapes – 2D and 3D

  • 24th / 26th  June

  • MiniDule MN7


  • NVR - Series, Analogy

  • VR - Vocabulary & Reasoning (Letter Series, Odd one out, Vocabulary – Synonyms/Antonym/Multiple Meaning

  • 1st / 3rd July

  • MiniDule MN8


  • Ratio & Proportion

  • Decimal, percentage

  • Mean, Median, Mode and Range 

  • 8th / 10th July

After the booking:

  1. You will receive a payment confirmation email (from PayPal)
  2. An email will be sent by Master Brain Academy (online hall ticket) with all bookings details, please also check your spam folder.      NOTE: If you have not received the online hall ticket (within 60 minutes), please
    email: with the child’s full name and PayPal Transaction ID


  • Upon submission of application, tests can neither be canceled nor swapped.  Refunds will NOT be made if canceled or absent.
  • Master Brain Academy reserve the right to issue necessary refunds ONLY in the event of Master Brain Academy having to cancel a Mock Test Day
  • Results – You will be able to view the attempted wrong questions from Thursday 5 pm until Saturday 5 pm. It is important to complete all questions to be able to see the wrong questions.

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