Future Stories Community Enterprise Entrance (FSCE )– CHELMSFORD GIRLS

Each Mock will consist of three papers:

  1. Paper 1 –  40 mins – English
  2. Paper 2 –  50 mins – Maths
  3. Paper 3 –  30 mins Creative Writing

About FSCE 11 plus  :
The FSCE 11 plus exam is taken on multiple choice paper and separate creative writing paper. Your child will receive one question booklet and one answer sheet for each subject. For all three subjects, answers must be written on the provided answer sheet and not on the question booklet .

The English paper assesses reading comprehension, vocabulary, and spelling . It’s split into three shorter and individually timed sections: The questions are multiple-choice. Your child will have a separate answer sheet to complete and will need to select the best answer by shading the matching oval (A, B, C  D or E) or write the missing letter in the square box provided on their answer sheet. Horizontal or vertical lines, drawn through the oval, are not accepted. There is only one correct answer for each question, so your child should only shade one oval.

Spelling is assessed through a section on missing letters. In each question, children will see a word with some letters removed. They will need to identify the full word in the context of the sentence and complete the word so that it is spelt correctly


The maths questions can be multiple-choice and free-response. Multiple-choice questions are similar to those in the English paper; your child will need to shade the oval for the letter (A, B, C, D, or E) that corresponds with the correct answer.

Free-response answers will have marked square boxes. Your child should write one digit per box – for example, if an answer has two digits (35), then they should write 3 in one box and 5 in the box next to it.

Creative writing

The third paper in the FSCE 11 plus exam is a creative writing task.

Take a look at some example  questions from the FSCE familiarisation guide (Please click here)


Mock 1 – FS1 30 June – Sunday £45
Mock 2 – FS2 28 July –  Sunday £45
Mock 3  – FS3 1 Sep – Sunday £45


SAVE £15 – Book ALL THREE tests  for £120.

Time: Registration 10 am     Exam: 10:15 am – 12:30 pm

Venue: Anglia Ruskin University, Bishop Hall Ln, Chelmsford CM1 1SQ. Please assemble at Lord Ashcroft building reception.

 After the booking:

  1. You will receive a Payment Confirmation Email .
  2. An email will be sent by Master Brain Academy with the hall ticket (please also check your spam folder), please print and bring it to the exam hall.
    NOTE: If you have not received the online hall ticket (within 60 minutes), please email
    e-learning@masterbrainacademy.co.uk with the child’s full name and PayPal Transaction ID


  • Will be available to be viewed online in 7 working days after the exam.
  • Attempted wrong questions can be viewed online. The answer chosen by the child and the correct answer that should have been chosen will be shown. The online review will be open for 48 hours.   The mock test question papers will not be issued out along with the results report that will be emailed.
  • ‘Skills Breakdown Report’: A topic-wise breakdown of scores achieved in each individual section. The topic-wise score breakdown will help identify areas of strength and those which need further practise and improvement.
  • Total Score
  • Percentile Ranking
  • Graphical Analysis

Creative Writing: Scored and copy will be handed over to Parents (collection date will be emailed).

Terms & conditions

  • Upon submission of application, tests can neither be cancelled nor swapped.  Refunds will NOT be made if cancelled or absent.
  • Master Brain Academy reserve the right to issue necessary refunds ONLY in the event of Master Brain Academy having to cancel a Mock Test Day

The mock test question papers will not be issued along with the results report that will be emailed.