Year 4 - 11 Plus Foundation


Year 4 - 11 Plus Foundation Course 

This course lays down a strong foundation in Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning techniques. Basics of Mathematics & English are covered in this level.

Lesson Content:  

• Learn new techniques in Verbal/NonVerbal, Maths/English
• Speed /Mental Arithmetic Test
• Vocabulary Boosting exercises    
• Spelling Test         
• English Comprehension

Maths – Teaching techniques for a particular topic.  This lesson will continue for a couple of weeks till children are thorough and understand well.  

Important Information

Students will require the following items for each session:

• Clear pencil case
• 3 sharp pencils
• 1 ruler
• 1 rubber
• 1 sharpener
• Highlighter pens
• Electronic dictionary
• Homework diary ( which will be given by us ) 

Our selection test is a crucial part of our tuition process as it enables us to fully understand gaps in your child’s knowledge and facilitate us to identify the right group and class to promote their learning. 

About us

Master Brain is a happy and positive academy. Our aim is to produce, well educated, caring and well mannered individuals. We are well known for our academic standards, but pride ourselves that we offer far more by bringing out and developing the whole person.

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