A) Holiday Course Scholarship

We offer scholarship for holiday courses. The Scholarship Test comprises of Verbal Reasoning, Non Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics & English. Through this test, we give well deserving children an opportunity to win a scholarship award.

• Platinum Scholar - 40% off the Holiday Course Fee.
• Diamond Scholar - 25% off the Holiday Course Fee.
• Gold Scholar - 15% off the Holiday Course Fee.

B) Rewards

We offer a prize award for our students who secure top ranks in Redbridge/Essex Consortium Entrance Exams.

• 1st Rank
• 2nd Rank
• 3rd Rank
• 4th Rank
• 5th - 10th Rank

Students are requested to contact us immediately after the results are published.

C) Terms & Conditions

• Students will only be entitled to receive one award.
• If any other Institute claims him/her as a student of their Institute, he/she will not be eligible for the award.
• The student should have attended all the 11 Plus Holiday Courses.

The Award scholarship is applicable only when relevant proofs are submitted and checked. In all cases, the decision of the Managing Director of Master Brain Academy shall be final. Students who are enrolled in more than one exam will be entitled only to a single prize based on their highest rank. 

About us

Master Brain is a happy and positive academy. Our aim is to produce, well educated, caring and well mannered individuals. We are well known for our academic standards, but pride ourselves that we offer far more by bringing out and developing the whole person.

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