Henrietta Barnett School


The Exam
The Test has 2 rounds.  Children will have to pass Round 1 before they get to Round 2.  The top 300 candidates will  further be invited to Round 2.

• Round 1 –  Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and English- GL Assessment
• Round 2 – English and Mathematics

Master Brain Henrietta Training
A special short course is conducted before Round 1 and Round 2. The course focuses on English and mathematics. The course tests and refines exams techniques for comprehension and creative writing skills. The writing can be an extended part of the comprehension to determine their ability to understand and write creatively. Mathematics will focus on testing problem solving skills. 

About us

Master Brain is a happy and positive academy. Our aim is to produce, well educated, caring and well mannered individuals. We are well known for our academic standards, but pride ourselves that we offer far more by bringing out and developing the whole person.

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